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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oh right, blogging

Rachel kindly had some folks over to celebrate her birthday at her folks house in the sunny East Bay. I had no idea that Rachel had a sweet pool slide to accompany the sweet pool. Add Haber and Lars to the equation, and many a pool game will follow. I did not enjoy Lars version of lob the orange ball at Jimmy's nuts as he tries to catch the other ball coming off the slide. Payback is a bitch, Lars.

I attended a fantastic Electronic Music Meetup this week. Erik, our fearless organizer, had folks meet at a bar downtown in the base of the building that he works at. Once we reached critical mass, we headed upstairs so that we could use the conference room to demonstrate how were using our computers to compose music. We had a long demonstration from Chris Huelsbeck about the his composition process and ideas. Chris is a fascinating fellow - he's famous for producing the music soundtracks from Commodore 64 games, and he still makes a living producing video game music.

We also saw some serious visual badassery from Alessandro and some of his visualization plugins. There may be more on that front later.

Kerry Jo has swept into town and we've made a reasonable dent on our new bottle of Scotch. Its so good to have her in town. I eagerly anticipate Krusty's arrival tommorow. Stina is rather preoccupied with her upcoming birthday bash so its good to have KJ around to help maintain sanity. This is gonna be one sweet party.

I even saw a fabulous band called "On The One" tonight at 12 Galaxies, and danced my ass off. A quartet of pocket players, they know how to push a groove down your pants. My personal highlight was a ripping version of "Pass the Peas"

Righto. Hope to see most of my 5 faithful readers tommorow night!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a faithful reader! But I won't see you for a while. -JW, (female version)

11:53 AM  

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