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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I had envisioned that once vacation kicked in, I was going to be seriously laid back and even get my tech learn on. This turned out not to be the case. Between setting up and executing the "bachelor party", wedding stuff, helping Ducey move, working on Stiner's b-day present, and prepping for her party, I had far less downtime then I had anticipated.

I had figured I'd take JW out mini-golfing or something for a night off, and it turned into a much more elaborate and satisfying send off. I figured I do my wedding toast off the cuff and then realized I wanted to put some thought into it. I wanted to write Stina a birthday story - I ended up composing a four part story (delivered over four days), surely the longest story I've ever written. Although I was pretty worn out by the time we left, I'm actually rather proud of what I accomplished during my time in Newton.

On the other hand, I wasn't the one who was given less then 48 hours notice that she would be the point person for the wedding. Holy smoke did Stina rise to the challenge.

The wedding was seriously rocking. Very upscale. Tasty kosher food. I strategically stood next to the door the caterers would enter the hall so I could mow on the very popular "pigs in a blanket". They even had a 9 piece band that could groove pretty good on some funk and disco covers. The bass player was simply bad ass. I spent as much time on the dance floor as I possibly could.

Congrads to the newly wedded couple.


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