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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving Week

My Tday week started kinda funky by having a large mole removed near my left nipple. There's not a whole lot of skin between my mole and my rib cage, so they removed a hefty chunk of skin. Thus I walked around all hunched over like a 80 year man on Tuesday, much to the delight to Stina and Dave Patry (who arrived on Tues).

On Wednesday, we were to meet Stina at the JCC to see her place of work and eat at the adjoining restaurant. Dave and I entered the JCC, walked up to the front desk, and were immediately accosted by a woman: "Are you here for an Event?" and in the same breath "Are you two Jewish?" I stood there rather shocked, as Patry mumbled "not me". By the time I stammed out "um, I'm jewish" she had took our measure, realized we weren't good candidates, and quickly departed. Apparently they were having a Minon, and needed 10 jews to make it official. The JCC made a big first impression.

Dinner at 415 was tasty though. Absolutely incredible sushi. Not cheap though.

Haber was hosting the annual Thanksgiving. Stina decided to make two types of Mac and Cheese, two types of Pecan pies, and an Apple Crumble. Dave made spinach cheese square and I made Yams. I had the easiest Thanksgiving ever - I cowered behind the stitches on my chest, and did almost no cooking and cleaning. It was also our
smallest Thanksgiving ever - 13 people. It was wonderful. Too much food. Too much good food at that. Haber made an amazing turkey and stuffing. Pure Joy. And he has a Wii to boot. Wii tennis is fun.

On Friday we returned to Ft. Funston for Thanksgiving Round 2. That night Dave and I made our way to the Fillmore to see the Prodigy. The Prodigy kicked serious ass. Liam, the Prodigy duder (who was surrounded by racks of keyboards), put together a righteous band - a drummer, a guitarist, and two MCs. I've seen many a front man try to rile up a crowd with various degrees of success. The main MC for Prodigy was one of the best I've ever seen. The sound was perfect. The music selection was great. I saw two things I've never seen at the Fillmore - the front of the crowd had a security setup to stop people from getting on the stage/crowd surfing. The other item of newness occurred when the MC came down into the crowd, to the back of venue, and stood up on the sound duders mixer podium to deliver some "turn the pitch up - smack my bitch up" action. Rock. It was a short, but quality show. I was pumped.

So besides the mole removal and getting sick on Thursday, it was a great week. Dave and I discovered the joys of multiplayer Worms on the DS. All week long. It was great having him around. We look forward to seeing him near NYE.


Blogger Me said...

I hope your skin grows back nice and new. Happy Thanksgiving.

1:01 PM  
Blogger PVision said...

It is true, I am not a Jew. I ruined whatever fun was to await us at the JCC.

4:09 PM  

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