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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy Chrisnukah

I basicially ended up doing a sandwich tour of the greater Boston area. I had several grinders in south boston, and J.Dubbya took me to a fancy sandwich place in Harvard Square. I think it was called Dillians. I also ate a lot of bacon. Several Turkey and Bacon grinders. Bacon for Christmas brunch.

My parents don't throw anything out. So I went around the house and found a few choice items: a decade+ old phone (broken?), a zip drive, and a giant personal tape recorder from 1974. I wrapped them up and gave them to my dad. Merry Christmas.

I got to see a bunch of high school friends. That was awesome. They're all either married or in relationships. We all got older. It's good to reconnect. I'm fired up for some JDubbya + Joie wedding.

We came back home to SF today. Sleep was somewhat evasive in the last 24 hrs. We're both sorta delirious. Stina is watching Mortal Combat and is making accompanying sounds of glee. "It has BEGUN!" The tournament, that is.

Aww yeah. Go Sub Zero. Go.

Go already.

Fucking go dude.

Where's the techno?

This is lame.

Oh, there it is.


Peppered with sounds of glee.


Blogger PVision said...

1974 was a good year for audio equipment.

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