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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I like beer. To the point of snobbery. No lie. So when Jesse told me that his client, Hebrew, was putting on a little celebration at the Hotel Utah on Sunday afternoon, I got kinda excited. Hebrew makes a fine beer.

There were four bands on the bill. JP Cutler was first, so we (Rachel, Lars, Steve and I) got there early. Haber was already on hand. Hebrew was pouring all five of its beers. They were $3, and came in a nice souvenir glass.

We started with the Jubilation ale. It was intense in its complexity. The Genesis 10/10 was second, and was definitely my favorite.

JP Cutler played a great set with his current line up.

Everyone who came with me was really impressed with his set. Steve kept saying how these guys should be playing the Fillmore. His line up, which he says should now be pretty consistent, was stellar. Really top notch players. Jesse has retooled some of his older songs, and I think they have a stronger impact. He played for maybe 45 minutes, to a very appreciative audience.

Then came a theatrical female singer/drummer. That was good. Followed by a power trio named "Action Figure". That one was really out of place in the line up. The drummer went around before the set offering ear plugs to the audience. I think that's the coolest thing I've ever seen a band do. Since I really dig the prog music, this band was right up my alley. He's a short distorted video from their set:

They were great. Then a 8 piece bluegrass band followed. They were good, if you like bluegrass. It was so quiet after the power trio.

What an awesome afternoon. I figured we were really just going to stay for Jesse's set, but, a couple Hebrews later, and it was dark outside and all the bands had played.


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