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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bullet Point Life

  • Last Saturday we celebrated Haber's 31st up at Fort Funston. It was a pajama jammy jam. They had tap issues, so I had to pick up a new tap on the way there. It was amusing walking into a brewery with my pajamas on. The party was epic because they setup the wii in the garage with a wide screen projector. A great thing about the wii controller is that there's a speaker on the controller. This means when we were bowling, the controller will page you when it was your turn. This is fantastic when the wii is 10 feet from the keg. There was traditional late night 7 layer bean dip from Haber and all was good.
  • On Sunday, I played for the first time at a House of Love Cabaret. I've attended a few over the last 6 years of so. It was a little odd setting up a laptop and little keyboard for the short electronica set. Most acts use acoustic instruments. Few acts hide behind a computer and manipulate virtual instruments. I'm not sure how it was received, but I'm glad I did it.
  • I saw Clerks 2. It was waaay better then I expected.
  • We were honored with a bonus Pat McCarten Wednesday. I'm still thinking about the amazing sushi from Hotai. It was that good. On our walk to get dinner, a tree starting talking to us, and I was pretty psyched. Pat and Stina were a bit disturbed. It turns out the trees mostly wanted a cigarette or some change. itunes ended up siphoning some of my money, and the speakers were set to loud. We discovered a band called "Elbow" They rock pretty hard.


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