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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dolby and BT

The day after we say the Prodigy I was cruising around on my favorite computer music forum and people were singing high praises for BTs new album. Now, I'm not a fan of BT - I find his music way too poppy and cheesy, though I have lots of respect for his technical abilities. I went to the BT website to learn more and saw that he was playing at the Red Devil Lounge on Monday night. Well shit. I bought a ticket right then and there.

Thus, last night, I found myself at the Red Devil Lounge. I hadn't been there in like 6 years, when I was moonlighting as a bonus keyboard player for El Pulpo. Its a small place - capacity 209 - so I was surprised they'd have big names like Thomas Dolby and BT playing there. Turns it was the first night of their tour, and it was sort of an open rehearsal, where they could get all the kinks out.

It was an interesting crowd. Mixed ages - older folks for Dolby, younger for BT. It wasn't sold out. I hadn't ever heard of Dolby before, but at least half the people there were big fans. Dolby went first. During his first song, everything crashed, and there was 5 minutes of silence as he got his equipment back in working order. His sound was very 80's - using old school synths and drum machines. Having never been exposed to his music before, I can't say I was the biggest fan. He definitely had the talent and a voice to match, but the arrangements of the songs were a little hokey for my digital tastes. I might enjoy more after repeated listens and some lyric analysis. Maybe not. His intersong banter was entertaining though.

BT went second. He didn't get going till 11:15, which was pushing the Monday night crowd to the limit of patience. He brought two additional musicians with him, and recreated his new album "The Binary Universe" in its entirety. Let me say, I was beyond impressed. It was his masterpiece. Its a gorgeous, lush landscape of sounds and beats. Much to my delight - no vocals. It was his opus. Needless to say, I will be picking up a copy.

He works at a level way beyond my musical capacity. Through out the set he played many keyboards, a cello, guitar, xylophone, and couple other instruments. The compositions were incredible. It gave me perspective on the difference between a producer like him and like me. It isn't discouraging - I grew up in an environment where everyone was a better piano player then I. It was inspiring, and spurred me to think in a grander scale for album cohesiveness. Anyhow, it was worth the price of admission. I now have great respect for BT.


Blogger jordan said...

hah - i was totally at that el pulpo show. so it must've been five years ago.

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