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Monday, December 04, 2006

The Rhythm Devils

Stiners and I went to the Warfield on Friday to see the Rhythm Devils. It was a Rex Foundation benifit. This configuration of the Rhythm Devils consisted of the two drummers for the Dead, Steve Kimock on guitar, Mike Gordon on bass, and Jen Durkin on vocals. The show opened up with Planet Drum, and most of the duders from that band sat in with the Rhythm Devils during the rest of the show. Bob Weir was also present for most of the night.

It was a pretty solid show, nothing mind blowing. I learned that Jen is a fantastic vocalist. I couldn't tell you the setlist. Most of the fun was the audience, comprised of the old and next gen hippies. I really try to hit the San Francisco shows where Dead members play at - its a rare opportuninety to immerse myself in the 60's San Francisco culture. I was all about set breaks, and interacting and observing the populace. I enjoy the hippies, espeically the ones who can afford the pricey tickets.


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