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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Backlit Fuzz

Last night I played a set at backlitlounge. I was totally psyched that some friends came out to support: Lars, Elysa, DanT, Angel, Haber, and even some of Habe's co-workers! Onyx relocated the event to a cool arty space called the RxLounge, in a nice sketchy part of the Tenderloin near Market St. I was super relaxed about the whole thing. I did zero rehearsing which led to a set which a laden with mishaps, but no one paid much mind. I think people generally dug my music. It was a bit of a departure from what I've heard from other artists, and really mellowed the place out. I was also the only artist to have gaps in between songs. It was amusing that people felt like they needed to clap after every song.

It's an interesting event - anyone can sign up, so the quality and style of artists is really varied. Blipvert, they guy who played after me, went fucking berserk. It was a glitchy kinda thrashy sounding music - not to sonically pleasing, but he gets an A for presence and utilizing technology in new ways. Good times. I will try and be a re-occurring patron at these events, cause I'm loving that there's an home brew electronic music going on in my city.



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