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Friday, December 08, 2006

Trey @ the Warfield, Night 1

Last night Stiners and I went to see Trey at the Warfield. He's touring on his latest album Bar 17, which is a whole lot of meh. I think this reflected in audience attendance - it was fairly sparse in the balcony. He brought the full band with him, which is good. He played a bunch of stuff off his new album, which was less good. Set 1 was much stronger then set 2. Towards the middle of the encore, we departed and began to seek a taxi. Stina mentions to me the she's glad were here before the exodus, and as if on cue, people start streaming out of the Warfield IN FORCE. Wait, now we hear music. Oh shit, Trey took the band through the audience and then outside the venue. Right to where we were standing. So we're more then a little bemused as Trey comes right toward us, full band (like 11 people) in tow, and the audience in hot pursuit. This, of course, destroys our original intentions, but Stina was psyched to be the closest in proximity to Trey she'll ever get. Even if he looks like cousin it.


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