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Friday, December 22, 2006

I Heart a Good Sandwich

I can't believe that it is raining in Newton two days before X-mas. The weather has been unreasonably warm for an east coast winter. I've gone on a sandwich tour of Newton in the three days I've been home: Marty's (my decade long favorite sandwich), Great Harvest Bread Company (which only started selling sandwiches two months ago), and CNN - the sub shop in Newton Corner. You don't really get good Grinders (subs heated in a pizza oven) outside of MA. I've also been binging on the Genesis 10:10 Hebrew Seasonal brew. Everyone should drink it. Its made with pomegranite juice. Unbelievable.

The cat, Beju, weighs in at about 25 lbs. She's crazy fat. If I chase her, she just hides in places that are difficult for me to bother her in. She's not a whole lot of fun. At least the laser pointer seems to agitate her.

Mom left me the latest Spenser novel on my bed. She also made Chinese Chicken and Peach Yucky for dinner. Dad is convinced that I'll never get to beam from one place to another in my lifetime. Everyone treats Stina like family.

Its good to be home.


Blogger PVision said...

Shit... if Larry the Physics King doesn't think teleportation is within our grasp I tend to believe him. He's a bit more in the loop. Then again, he doesn't think the world needs any more silly noises.

7:27 AM  

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