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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Maximum Lars

Last night Haber and Lars came over for our special brand of poker. We played a couple rounds of "Do it three ways" and Haber asked me to write down the rules:

Put out three tokens. Everyone gets 9 cards. You create three hands - a 5 card hand which you want to win, a 2 card hand which you want to lose, and a 2 card hand which you want to win. No draw. Threes are wild, and they have to be wild - meaning that if your low hand is a 3 and an 8, you are showing a pair of 8s. Then you show your hands one at a time.

We also played "Don't do it three ways", where you make a 5 card hand you want to lose, a two card winning hand, and a two card losing hand. This is much more challenging.

We also embarked on a series of Lars themed game. The first one was a five card draw where 8's were wild, but 8's could only be called Lars. Then we played "It's all about Lars", where Lars were still wild, but all numbers/cards had to be called Lars, or you pay the pot. This led to a very amusing discussion of the rules of the game. Eventually, Haber clarified best with "All numbers are called Lars, but Lars is wild". Then came "Follow the Lars". I believe we peaked when we played "Maximum Lars", where the only word you could say was "Lars" except for you were occasionally allowed to yell "Maximum Lars". A lot of people had to pay the pot.

I think this is why I'm not invited to most poker games.


Blogger The Habe said...

Ahh yes, but this makes those games oh-so-interesting...

You should definitely give these a try! Do/don't it three ways have the potential to become classics (okay, so does Maximum Lars).

12:27 PM  
Anonymous hans said...

maximum lars!

2:14 PM  

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