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Saturday, January 06, 2007


Since I spent the majority of the week cooped up the house, I was itching to get out on Friday night. Stina was more in her nesting phase, so I went out solo. I debated between a bunch of bands/events, and eventually decided on seeing "Every Move a Picture" at the Rickshaw since:

1. It was "Loaded", a dance event that occurs every other month or so. I was definitely in the mood to dance.
2. Tony and Elana were hanging out at Danielle's, who lived a block away from the venue.

Sold. So I grabbed a cab and got dropped off at the Rickshaw so I could get in early and grab a ticket. There were a bunch of very attractive ladies in line outside (which was kinda weird since it was so early), but I got out of the cab and into the line. Then some people had a very heated argument right next to me. That's when I noticed there was a camera, mic, and lighting crew behind me. Whoops, I just walked right into their shot. Ah well. After the duder yelled "Cut", I meandered inside, got a ticket and found out set times. Perfect.

I went over to Danielle's, where they were having Burgers and Wine night. He's housing sitting in a beautiful condo right in the center of the city, with kick ass roof access. This including caring for a genetically modified cat which was like the ideal stuffed animal. It was beautiful and fluffy, and had zero survival skills whatsoever. You could pick it up and play with it, and wouldn't protest at all. I enjoyed a very tasty second dinner.

I wandered back to the Rickshaw around 11:30 (supposed 11:45 set-time) and the DJ was spinning some great beats. I went up front to the stage and it was full of done up girls, and very few guys. So I'm happily getting down in the throng of ladies in my home embroidered dragon tee shirt. Good times. The band came on shortly after midnight. Men appeared, and the ratio sharply shifted.

They were great. It was sorta indie meets 80's, with hints of U2. Very very danceable, high energy music, with great vocals. I enjoyed myself thoroughly for the 45 minute set. I can see this band going places. I think that they would translate really well to a studio disc.

Thus I deem Friday night a success.

Haber turned me on to a fun PC game called eets, which has been described as "lemmings on crack". It cost a whopping $10, and I think I've already gotten my money's worth.


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