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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Last night, I sorta ran the SF electronic music meetup. Erik, the guy who really runs it was out of town, asked me to cover. It was an interesting experience, attempting to gather folk and foster conversation about electronic music production. Most people were just getting started, so I had lots to say on the matter. I attempted to employ Stina's technique of asking lots of questions, but found myself talking more then not.

This morning, in my level 1 Yoga class, I got my ass handed to me. It was pretty painful, but mentally, I knew it was for the greater good of my body.

I am currently enjoying the contrast of teaching about a subject I'm well versed in versus learning much about a subject I know little about. At least by mentally reviewing last night, I learned a little about running a meeting, and what I should do better. Like talking less. My body is still physically reviewing this morning, and its asking me to eat some pizza.

I can do that.



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