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Friday, January 12, 2007

Fire Ballet

Last night went to the Crucible to see "Romeo and Juliet" performed as a fire ballet. It was AMAZING. The was fire integrated into the dancing and all through out the set. They had two staircases - one circular, one straight, that would come ablaze. I can't aptly describe the level of dancing and choreography integrated in this performance. It blew my mind. There was elements of hip hop, circus, flamenco, and of course ballet. Juliet was an unbelievable dancer. At one point a chandelier (on fire) was lowered and dancers did some thingy like rope dancing on it while it spun. This is while dancers were all over the set. Eventually the chandelier was lowered so that it was spinning right above Romeo and Juliet - the dancers were on it casting a spinning shadow on the dancers. Jaw dropping cleverness. There was rarely a moment where there was only one thing to focus on. Even when it was just Romeo and Juliet dancing, the fire would intensify whenever the music/dancing got more intense.

Words do not really do this production justice. Unfortunately, they asked for no photography or video, so I have nothing to share with you in that regard. All I can say is go see it if you can. Its only running for another week, and all their performances will sell out. As they should.


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Ooo, fire ballet...who knew such a thing exhisted?

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