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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Las Tortugas: Day 2

This place kicks ludicrous ass. It turns out that Yosemite valley is a big deal after all. We ventured in, took many pictures, exchanged niceties with nature, came home, and napped. Epic. Napping at a festival in a bed in a cabin. This place definitely caters to our great interest in comfort.

All the food options are outstanding. There are all made locally in the giant kitchen. Its reasonably priced. The people who work here are incredibly friendly. We have even befriended a few of them.

I've been meeting more people here then I usually do at festivals. Tonight, I met cookie monster, my old childhood nemesis, and made peace with him. He even offered me a cookie. There are some spectacularly creative costumes. The moon is rather full like. My favorite quote of the evening: "in the same vein as fantasy rock and roll camp, cruising around Scotland was like whiskey fantasy camp."

ALO was on fire earlier. Hot damn. Check out tonight's (10/26) set to get a band in their prime. It was freaking awesome. I ran into Sean from Izabella during ALO, and he said they were about to "blow doors." I feel they achieved this on their second song, when they busted out a sick Jameroqui song. They place fell apart. Doors were blown. I don't think any one was injured. Safety first.

Tea Leaf Green is playing now. They sound pretty hot, what with their nasty yet sweet rock and roll flavors. Stina's sitting in front of a fire.

Life is good.


Anonymous Rachel said...

Sounds amazing! Wrong time to be in San Diego, right time to be in Yosemite! XO

8:30 AM  

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