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Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Funky Evening

After sampling all of Steve's fabulous beer and wishing him a happy 40th, Stina and I set off to the independent to catch On the One open up for the New Mastersounds. I've enjoyed both bands once before, and was pretty excited to catch em together.

Fortunately, they didn't disappoint. There was almost an excess of funk. It was too funky for my pants. Both bands played great sets, and there we collectively got down. On the One does more straight up accessible tunes with ample rounds of jaw dropping solo's, especially from the sax player. The New Mastersounds manage to create a far wider range of grooves, and though there was plenty of rocking from the organ and guitar player, it seemed more tightly composed. They brought out Martin Fierro on the sax, and that raised the energy level like 37 notches.

Together, they threw a killer party.

Good times. Followed by leftover sandwich.

All that sax got me amply prepped for a session with Tony J and his sax mastery the following day. The collaborations are underway.


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