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Friday, January 18, 2008

Moe. at the Fillmore

I've seen Moe many, many times, mostly cause Zaq used to work for them and always got me free tickets. I didn't like em so much at first, but eventually through repetition, I learned to avidly enjoy their song craft and jam rocking skills. So, I tend to see them when they come to town. And even though I flaked on getting tickets and it sold out, craigslist came to the rescue with a shiny face value ticket.

After the customary hour late start time, things got off to a sorta rocking start. The thing with Moe is that they are very hit or miss for me. And on Thursday, they really weren't holding my attention so much. The crowd didn't seem to elated either, though thats the report from the back. I'm sure the front crowd was raging. There were some good songs, ridiculous instrumentations, and then long ambling spacey jams that went on for far too long. They debuted a bunch of new tunes, some which sounded mighty nice. They do good with lyrics, those Moe guys. Much more so then most of the jam band flock. The light show was fantastic. It takes a lot to impress me with the lights, but their light crew is top notch.

I made through most of set 2, but bailed before poster, a mortal sin in Pat's eyes. Good thing I was solo.

An extra special bonus was that Roy McNeill was playing the poster room, much to my surprise. So I had a nice haven to zone out during the pre-show and set break. I like how he's rebranded himself.

I'm pretty amused how our approach to music is quite opposite - I'm all about virtualizing everything, so all I need is a laptop, a keyboard, and maybe another midi controller or two. Roy is about analog gear, so he always comes heavy.

I had some extra amusing encounters along the evening. I ran into Jason Parmar's old landlord, a sweet chemist lady with a very cute French accent, and a dude who was all about starting up the Big Afro and Beard society. Our goal is to enlighten others of our extreme amazingnesticity through inspiration.

I know DP is going to Saturday nights LA show. I'll be interested in his evaluation.


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