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Sunday, January 21, 2007


Its been an interesting weekend. On Thursday night Stina and I made plans for Friday - to swing by the Box Dog Bike 2nd anniversary party (congrads!!) and then go to some random club downtown to go 80's dancing. On Friday afternoon, I was invited to a jam. I've been wanting to play music with other human beings for quite some time now. I was struggling between my commitment and what I really wanted to do, and decided upon my previous commitment. I had a great time socializing and seeing friends at the party. The 80's club was less fun, since I wasn't really feeling it. I also am coming the realization that with my musical snobbery, unless I'm totally into it or somewhat drunk, I don't really dig the 80's music as much. So I wasn't having that great a time. Stina was having a good time though. I was happy about that.

It turned in a frat scene less then an hour after we showed up, and we decided to depart. Right before we left, Stina went to the bathroom. That's when I saw a guy in a wheelchair, grooving to music, decide to also go to bathroom, which you had to go up a small set of stairs to do. After watching him pull himself up the flight of stairs, I had a totally different perspective on my evening, and realized how amazingly good I have it.

On Saturday, Heather informed me of an opening party at Miette's, an upscale candy store in Hayes Valley. They had cotten candy (made from organic sugar and natural flavoring) and champagne. Yum.
Then I ended spending the night playing Domino's with Angel, DanT, and Josh. It was just what I was feeling. Dan and Angel have become surrogate parents to Coco the wonderdog. She's a good time.

Today Haber and I walked the park to the brewery at the Ocean. It was a great afternoon.

I've been grooving on the new Izabella cd:
"Dream When You Sleep". Here's one of my favorite tracks off the album - "Life Inside the Blue".

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Blogger jordan said...

sorry we didn't get to connect this weekend. hope we can soon after i get back from the east coast.
it's coooooold here.

3:40 PM  
Blogger I am an Edu-Dame said...

I <3 the cotton candy & champagne pic.

10:38 PM  

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