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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Everyone Orchestra and Albino

Going to the Great American Music Hall 3 times in 7 days demarks a good week for sure. The fantastic Magnolia Brewery held court with its decade anniversary party on Monday. They brought $3 magnoila pints and the Everyone Orchestra to the stage.

The lineup for the EO was outstanding. Highlights were Melvin Seals, Josh Clark, Dan Lebowitz, Jamie Janover, and Audio Angel.

There was an outstanding squeeking rubber chicken solo. It was really a ton of fun. They did more covers then usual, mostly of a Grateful Dead nature. The highlight of the evening for me was when they played:

I grabbed a taste:

I made a return trip on Friday to catch Albino! featuring Karl Denson. They were a fun time as well. I'm not necessarily drawn to Afro Cuban styling music, but its hard not to groove when their playing. There's lots of synchronized dancing and horns o' plenty.

Karl Denson's endorsement of the band was what actually propelled me to the show.

Beyond going to concerts, things are going pretty well. Stina's back isn't doing super, but she's hooked up with some new doctors and shes rolling some healthy positive attitude. I've hit the sweet spot with my music, making progress on a number of songs simultaneously. I'm just starting the collaborative process with a couple musicians. I think this next album will be a little more cohesive then the last, more on the mellower/ethereal kick. And to my great relief, we capped off season 1 of Heros. Even though I was greatly disappointed with the ending, it is a particularly well made show.

Oh, and we dusted off Undercover Brother for an impromptu viewing with Tony and Elaina. It still remains one of my favorite comedies.

Here's a little Karl to cap off the post:


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