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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Indiginous People Day

Yesterday was a most unexpected day. We woke up to take Stiners to the Hospital for her cortisone injection only to have her turned away because she had a cold. It would have been useful to know that you need to be healthy for a week before getting the injection. She had been pretty anxious about the shot, and it was really hard to have it postponed. She came back from work feeling lousy and sneezing a lot, canceling our plans to hit the town.

I attempted (and possibly failed) to make two new potato dishes. After two and half hours of fairly intense labor, scalding of the hands, and a thorough trashing of the kitchen, I made questionable chunky potato casserole with nuts. I'm currently attempting the second dish. Kitchen morale is low.

On a whim I called up Chris to shoot some pool. After some poor shooting, I broke his Underdog cherry, where they treated us to the best cheese cake I've ever had in my life. Seriously. Their friend had just graduated from Pastry school or something. The topping was like whipcream, only it was cheesecake. Then we sauntered over to Chris' house to play Mario, when I spotted Joe Baker from BRO in the Blackthorn. He told me to stick around, cause the Smokedaddies were going to play with Les Claypool's drummer. Somehow the new ownership led to them having one of the the best guiness I've had in my life. True to their namesake, the band was pretty smokin. The drummer was ridiculous. All for the cost of zero dollars. So there was a nice cap to a weird ass day.


Blogger Gail said...

Wow - go go gourmet cooking! I hope that you guys had an awesome day chocked full of veggies and goodness. I busted a gut full of pumpkin-y goodness. Yum!

I'm feeling for Stina about her shot. I had such anxiety about my cortisone shot that I delayed it for several weeks before finally having it done. That delay allowed me to try several alternatives. What I have to say is this: even though I am still rehabbing my knee, the cortisone shot is when I truly turned the corner in my healing process and went from "just the same old pain" to being hopeful that I could recover because I was finally able to use the knee again. Stina - I hope that you feel better soon that you can continue to make progress on your recovery!

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